3 Steps to Becoming a Djedi in Business - Introducing the Djedi Admin Blog

3 Steps to Becoming a Djedi in Business - Introducing the Djedi Admin Blog

Welcome to the Djedi Admin blog.

In Djedi Admin world, our definition of a Djedi is:

Djedi (Jed’i) (n): A highly competent, super-connected, and deeply compassionate soul and systems thinker, working at the highest level of societal structuring, whose passion has been fully unleashed towards achieving an identified deeply meaningful mission that awakens them with extraordinary focus and immense energy daily.

Is this you?

This blog sets the stage for heart-centered entrepreneurs and fellow Djedi to self-identity with a vast community, deep knowledge, and expansive resources at our disposal. This is a call to action for visionaries to:

  1. Occupy your idea
  2. Ground your vision, and
  3. Take impactful steps to bring your new reality into existence

In this blog, you’ll find relevant and potent messages for all you Djedi entrepreneurs, visionaries, and heart-centered business owners.

The time is now!

We cannot wait any longer for you to bring your amazing gifts to the world. There is an entire community here to support your heroic journey.

In this blog, we will discuss new forms of agreements that you as a transformational entrepreneur can put into action through commerce. We’ll even provide examples.

We will interweave new energetic agreements between you, your community, the planet, and your spirit, in order to provide a holistic look at why and how you are creating abundance through your endeavors, and what you are creating abundance for.

When you know and own your WHY, abundance flows even more readily.

It is our goal that you find yourself inspired to occupy your work-life in a way that aligns you with your personal goals, values, needs, and a larger community of like-hearted souls.

You are a blessing!

The Djedi Master

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