Mission Statement

Empowering heart-centered visionaries and entrepreneurs to deliver profound positive change by supporting their Entrepreneurial Hero’s Journey through foundational consulting and administrative services.

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About Djedi Admin


Working with the Djedi Admin Team will help you feel in alignment with the truth that you are the hero in your own the story.  

Djedi Administrative Services introduces a new philosophy into the startup and entrepreneurship space.

Our holistic, custom-service based approach empowers companies and individuals with a professional road-map and necessary tools to achieving both intrinsic and extrinsic value from their venture(s).

These philosophies, practices, and principals will serve you and your professional career for a lifetime.

Through Djedi Admin, Schuyler Van Sickle and his team are dedicated to helping its clients become ever more successful and streamlined in their businesses. 

Working with Djedi Admin has the added benefit of helping you get control of  your schedule, so they can restore personal freedom and quality time.

Embark fully, knowing you have
an all-supporting cast to your
entrepreneurial hero's journey

We have been through the journey, and have dealt with all the ordeals of a startup or small business. 

The worst thing about starting a business is when you don’t know what you don’t know about setting up and running your business properly.

The second worst thing is knowing what you don’t know, and not knowing where to find solutions and having the support to overcome the challenges.

Legal, tax, insurance, financials, corporate set up…  We understand team work, team communication and process flows. We have tools to ensure these are extremely productive. We understand there are only so many hours in a day and we have to use them effectively.

Meet the djedi Team

Schuyler Van Sickle

President & Owner

SCHUYLER VAN SICKLE knows that every entrepreneur goes through a Hero’s Journey. Schuyler’s Hero’s Journey began in business environments where the support he needed just wasn’t there. This led him deep onto the path of discovering what it takes to make a business run successfully.  From these experiences on the journey, he developed a keen sense of desire to assist new small business owners cut through the ordeals, so they can spend more time being on the creative side of their business. From this dedication, Djedi Administrative Services, LLC, was born.

Brandi Tyann-Kegley

Business Development Director

BRANDI TYANN-KEGLEY has a philosophy based on empowerment from equality and cultivating integrity in the community by integral facets of co-creation.   A Maven of Many Trades so to speak; she combines organizational savvy and analytical foresight to cogitate a holistic approach in logistics.  In this way, she can support local causes and businesses to “walk their sustainable talk” by building individual and collective awareness from the ground up, focusing on the true cost of both current and future environmental impacts and consumerist practices for Organizations, Entrepreneurs, and Event Producers. She brings over 10 years’ experience in Non-Profit festival and event management and is a certified Registered Integrative Yoga Therapist currently working towards a certification in a Herbal Immersion Program. Brandi-Tyann offers an eye for foundational structure to Djedi Administrative Services.


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More Testimonials from the Journey

Schuyler is … incredibly patient with my struggles, and provides his deliverables in record time. I would highly suggest using his services to achieve any goals beyond your technical abilities.
James Freeborn, Founder
Freeborn Designs
With the help of Schuyler, we have established more systems to organize our Membership Program and maintain administrative clarity during events.
Zoë StarWater, Founder
Starwater Collective

Guardians of the Entrepreneurial Hero's Journey​