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Schuyler Van Sickle

Schuyler Van Sickle

President & Owner

SCHUYLER VAN SICKLE knows that every entrepreneur goes through a Hero’s Journey. Schuyler’s Hero’s Journey began in business environments where the support he needed just wasn’t there. This led him deep onto the path of discovering what it takes to make a business run successfully.  From these experiences on the journey, he developed a keen sense of desire to assist new small business owners cut through the ordeals, so they can spend more time being on the creative side of their business. From this dedication, Djedi Administrative Services, LLC, was born.

By serving numerous startups and starting several of his own companies in the Boulder area, Schuyler dove into his Entrepreneurial Hero’s Journey. He learned how to take a product from idea to market,  while laying down a foundation of teamwork.

He also discovered the techniques of creating a proper corporate record book. If you understand all aspects of the business in terms of legal, financial, insurance, and taxes, you will have professional appeal in the corporate world and to investors. Small businesses and visionaries who desire to gain funding at any stage of the game really need to have the Corporate Record Book in order.

Schuyler also learned the ins and outs of raising capital, including all phases such as creating agreements, management structure, and how to exit a business successfully when the time comes.

With over 8 years of business and entrepreneurial “bootstrapping” expert training, founder Schuyler Van Sickle received degrees in Business Operations Management and Social Entrepreneurship from the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder. He also took a deep dive semester in entrepreneurship and leadership training at Watson University in Boulder. While at CU Boulder, Van Sickle founded a Collegiate DECA Chapter for student business leaders at CU Boulder.


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More Testimonials from the Journey

Schuyler is … incredibly patient with my struggles, and provides his deliverables in record time. I would highly suggest using his services to achieve any goals beyond your technical abilities.
James Freeborn, Founder
Freeborn Designs
With the help of Schuyler, we have established more systems to organize our Membership Program and maintain administrative clarity during events.
Zoë StarWater, Founder
Starwater Collective

Guardians of the Entrepreneurial Hero's Journey​