Djedi Admin at Tribal Vision Trading Post

Djedi Admin at Tribal Vision Trading Post

Djedi Administrative Services is proud to be curating the Tribal Trading Post at Tribal Vision Festival in Taos, New Mexico.

Tribal Vision Festival brings awareness to global indigenous ceremony, culture & tradition among the backdrop of an awesome community inspired festival. With that in mind, Djedi Admin has connected with affiliates from around the world.  The Tribal Trading Post will serve as a hub in which artist merchandise will be on display and for sale at this upcoming festival.

Check out some of the amazing vendors that we will be showcasing at Tribal Vision this weekend:

Wolfsbane Couture Designs

Mission Statement:

  • Wolfsbane Couture Designs offers unique, versatile apparel and adornments, inspired by artistic culture.


  • Festival ready costumes.

Why We Love Wolfsbane Couture Designs:

  • Their clothing is empowering, custom, and functional. This is fashion for the adventurous spirit.



Couture Masquerade

About the Artist:

  • Sara Lornitzo wants to capture the aggressive beauty of nature in her work. The materials she uses are designed to look delicate and be rugged.


  • Wearable spines, headdresses, wings and masks.

Why We Love Couture Masquerade:

  • All of her headdresses and masks are washable and sturdy enough to be used the way costume pieces should be. She designs with the performance artist in mind.


Pixi’s Potions and Pearls


  • Magical sprays and oil blends.

Why We Love Pixi’s Potions & Pearls:

  • She does energy healing work on all of her sprays and oil blends and infuses them with crystals and elemental energy.



Tribe Nawaar Marketplace

Mission Statement:

  • Tribe Nawaar Marketplace LLC is dancer owned and operated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado, USA. They know how every piece of their clothing, costuming, jewelry and accessories performs with movement, how it wears on stage and off and they would proudly dance in any of the garments they sell!


  • Unique treasures from around the globe.

Why We Love Tribe Nawaar Marketplace:

  • They hand select or hand make their pieces using only the finest materials and sources.



Treasures from the Sky

Mission Statement:

  • Treasures from the Sky is in partnership with Secoyan natives to facilitate a platform for the sharing of Amazonian ceremonial treasures and jungle wares. They are a concentrated circle of individuals dedicated to empowering the cultures of the indigenous people of the Amazon.


  • Seikopai Hammocks, MielDeSelva Jewelry, and Seikopai Ceramics

Why We Love Treasures from the Sky:

  • They work heavily with the siekopai, and provide them with an outlet to share their jungle-crafted wares.



Jenny Haniver


  • Apparel, purses, head pieces, jewelry, and 3 piece outfits.

Why We Love Jenny Haniver:

  • We love her unique and whimsical designs. Wear any of her designs to get festival ready!


Divine Singing

Mission Statement:

  • Erin Sunniva McHugh walks the path of the Magdalene offering intuitive readings and coaching sessions using a broad range of tools including Tarot (accessing the Akashic), ceremony, and sound healing.


  • Sacred Circles and Private Sessions (soul star, entity removal, esoteric voice lessons, and more).

Why We Love Diving Singing:

  • Erin Sunniva (Boulder/Denver) teaches and guides at festivals, retreats, home gatherings, privately in your home, and around the world, on Zoom.



This is going to be an amazing weekend where we immerse ourselves spiritually on the mesa of Taos, New Mexico among our tribe.

To find out more about Tribal Vision Festival –> Tribal Vision

To find out more about Djedi Administrative Services –> Djedi Administrative Services

We can’t wait to see you there!


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